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Week starting Aug 31, 2014

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Aug 08, 2014



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I've been running consistently for almost twenty years. I've done a couple of marathons. 

Short-Term Running Goals:

In 2016: At least 17 miles a week, 67 a month, 800 for the year

Sub 26:00 5K

Sub 55:00 10K

Sub 2:00 half (if I decide to do one this year :)


Long-Term Running Goals:

Run another marathon, maybe. Someday. If I feel like it.


I love my husband and my four children and running lets me spend more time with them!

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So my husband is doing a 20 miler today, and I thought I'd join him for a few of his later miles. I took him some gatorade and ran up and down the canyon with him. I didn't want to mess with his pace so we ran HIS speed. Therefore, today's miles are going in the fast miles column. I suppose it was what my son would call a tempo run. It was actually a bit of a revelation. We averaged about 8:40 a mile and I didn't die. The last little climb up to the top was rough, but I kept up. I was grateful to turn around and head back down, but we kept the pace consistent. Maybe a sub-25 5K is not totally out of the question. Right now I feel good; I'm happy with that!

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I only had 20 min. for exercise this morning. I thought about yoga, but went with the run. Hope that was the right choice (running is always the right choice, right?). I can tell I didn't ice my foot yesterday, but everything else was great. And now on to an insanely busy day. Sigh.

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My foot flared up about a mile in. I panicked, thinking maybe I really do have a stress fracture, and I walked for about a half block. I started running again slowly and the discomfort subsided. I could feel it a little during the rest of the run, but not enough to really bother me. I still think it's a tendonitis issue and I'm just paying the price for not being nice to it the last several days. Even though tendonitis isn't supposed to involve inflammation I know icing after a run helps a lot. I know eccentrics help with achilles tendontitis, I don't know if I would need a different kind of eccentric to help with my foot. Maybe I'll do my calf eccentrics every day for a while and see if it helps. At the very least I'll be more diligent with icing and wearing proper shoes during the day. And I really should get new running shoes.

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Not a stellar week, but I can only do what I can do. Nice run this morning with Adam. Planned to do 8 but had to get back for a commitment. Foot is sore, but it didn't hurt during the run. I massaged it a little before putting on my shoes, maybe that helped. I'll ice it too. Hope I can get back to 20 miles next week. 

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